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Vision for Maximum Impact On-line Store Price
Powerful Single AUDIO CD OFFER by Kay Taiwo
The Purpose for Time: Understanding the Seasons of Your Life

- Identifying God-given Opportunities
- The value of Preparation as it pertains to Purpose.
- Exploring 5 Principles of Time and Seasons.
- 4 Principal Players that Influence Time.
- Biblical Proof Demonstrating How History Repeats itself and etc.


BIBLE STUDY TOOLS: Over 20 Volumes (WITH OVER 14,000 PAGES!)



We have hand-picked over 20 Volumes (WITH OVER 14,000 PAGES!) that answer all the questions you've ever had about the Holy Scriptures. These digital classics will change the way you look at the Bible forever.

Download Bible Library

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Bible Library
for ONLY
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Divine Mandate
Developing Yourself for Kingdom Advancement

2 DVDs in this offer Set by Olu and Kay Taiwo

Taught at a Leadership Conference

        • Banish Misguided Ideologies
        • Identify and Break free from 6 Misconceptions regarding your true Identity
        • Advance the Kingdom by grasping the interplay between the Big Picture and Divine Strategy
        • Discover the Purpose for Nations and much more.


BOOK by Kay & Olu Taiwo
Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within:  Answering the Question of Identity
The book many people are talking about!

Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within: Answering the Question of Identity is a book that demonstrates the reliability of God's Word to effectively enable you to see yourself the way God sees you. This knowledge when embraced will enable you to step out and confidently do what God has predestined you to fulfill. There are countless millions waiting for you to show up and deliver what God has invested in you. It is your time to uncover the hidden stranger within!
ISBN 0-9676572-0-2

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By Olu & Kay Taiwo
DVD Teaching Tri-Pak includes:

1. The Principles & Power of Vision.
2.  Excellence is a Choice!
3.  Leading By Example

Workbook NOT included


Special Offer Set


20% Off!

Special Offer Set
with Workbook


VIP-Destiny Value Pak

A Retail value of $84.00

VIP-Pak contains:
 8 Audio CD's
One Book

17% Off!


Single DVD Olu Taiwo

This DVD can be yours NOW!
In this message you will learn to:
  • Dispel myths that have kept you from releasing your maximum potential.
  • Discover time tested truths that will raise your expectations regarding God’s unique design of You!
  • Grasp an accurate portrait of what it is to be Christ’s ambassador in the earth today.
  • Rise up to your destiny despite the odds against you.


Also available on Audio CD
      Single AUDIO CD Olu Taiwo


AUDIO CD SERIES by Kay & Olu Taiwo
Standing in Your Place through Vision
Explosively Insightful!
Can you make impact without vision? This message explores the power of Vision by showing you why every action leads to impact: negative or positive, and why vision is essential in guaranteeing a positive outcome. This message will set you apart from the crowd. Gain Mastery of the essential Principles of Vision to guarantee a Maximized life.

3 Part CD Series


BOOK by Kay & Olu Taiwo
The Progenitor Principle: Why You Must Leave a Legacy Behind

Learn the principles it takes to discover greatness in you and how to unleash it in others!

ISBN 0-9676572-1-0


TWO AUDIO CD OFFER by Kay & Olu Taiwo

4 Big Myths & 7 Great Facts About Your Life's Mission

Expel the Myths! Embrace the Facts about your Mission!

Profound truths presented in a very commonsense practical way. This offer is loaded! Also includes clear step by step ways to write a compelling mission statement.

2 Part CD Set



Finding & Living the Purpose-guided Life
Stop the hit-or-miss lifestyle. It is your time to live on purpose not by accident. In this offer you will discover keys that will uncover your purpose. Access the keys and avoid the roadblocks to your purpose.

2 Part CD Set



Thinking for a Change: Revival of an Accurate Value System

Powerful insights that will absolutely change the way you think for the better. This message is full of timeless principles that will put you ahead. If you deem your future valuable to you, this is a message you must obtain.


The Road to Self-Discovery: For Youth & Young Adults.

Never attempt to present a young man or woman with his or her purpose if he or she is confused about his or her identity. Why? You must know who you are as you face your destiny.

The Road to Self-Discovery provides solid answers and practical insight about who you really are.



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