Global Church Development Consultants (GCDC)

Global Church Development Consultants (GCDC)

“On this rock I will build my church…” Matthew 16:18

With over 20 years of speaking experience, Kay and Olu Taiwo have addressed audiences in Ukraine, England, Nigeria, Philippines, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and within the United States.

Our Mission

To provide a fresh perspective on timeless principles and address critical issues relating to The Church’s need for realignment to Christ’s original mandate for His Body: The Church. This we strive to accomplish through conferences, consultations, leadership and believers meetings.

“Both men have ministered in our church in the Ukraine…I highly recommend their ministry to all churches and organizations that want to impact their members to maximize the individual potential given them by God.”  —Pastor Sunday Adelaja, The Embassy of God, Ukraine Europe’s Largest Charismatic Church

Dear Pastor,

GCDC was designed to help your Church in the following ways: We provide support to the local Church through believers and leadership meetings or seminars. We address:

  1. The Purpose for Nations: Origin, Dispensation, and  New Paradigm
  2. The Difference between Church Growth and Church Development
  3. The Fallacy in the “Mega-church” Paradigm
  4. The Differences between a Leader and a Driver
  5. Defining “Success” in Ministry: True and False Success
  6. The Kingdom Mandate of Jesus
  7. The Gifts and Calling of God
  8. The place of Prayer in the Life of the Church
  9. The Spirit led life
  10. The Man of God in a CEO world
  11. The “image” driven minister: Dealing with “The Western Obsession”
  12. Portrait of an Excellent Spirit
  13. Excellence in life and Ministry
  14. What Vision IS and What Vision Is Not
  15. The “Progenitor Principle” Model of Leadership & etc.

Write to: VFLM P.O. Box 3553 Broken Arrow, OK 74013-3553