Praise Reports


Kay and Olu, I hope that you had a good trip back, and I really want to say THANK YOU, for your presence, it was a benediction for us, your V.I.P Seminars were so concrete and so full of blessing, I loved it!!! I also hope that your first trip in Canada Québec won’t be the last, and I promise you that the next time, we will take some good time to visit Montreal!! Thanks again we appreciate your stay [with]… us, I really think that you changed something in our hearts.

Let the favor of God be on your ministries.
Be Blessed
—Franck, Blengino, Quebec, Canada

I am currently going over the content on your website…. I learned of your site through the article you wrote for streaming faith….I just wanted to commend you on your efforts to pull the wool off the eyes of people who have been blinded by Satan; I particularly like this quote :

“Never attempt to present a man with his purpose when he is still confused about his identity.  Man must KNOW who he is as he goes on to his destination.”
—Kay Taiwo    [Click Here to view more quotes by Kay and Olu Taiwo]

It truly sums up a lot of what is wrong with the world today.  And certainly, we know that God is not and never will be the author of confusion.

What came to mind when I read your article in Streaming Faith is the night I was in service listening to Bishop Charles E. Blake speaking to the churches charging them to get a 5 point community program started in their area.
—Brenda Ewen, California

Today was the first encounter with your ministry….and, WOW!, how blessed I was with your two-part teaching on VISION. I pray and trust this to be the beginning of even greater things in my life, making it leave the God-ordained impact far beyond my generation. I also pray in expectation that God makes it possible, through Jesus Christ, that my fellow brethren and I here in Atlanta get to directly tap from the revelations He has so generously given you.
God Bless You Brothers.
—Jean Enohnyaket, CAC Bethel Fellowship, Atlanta,GA

Under African Skies Conference: “I really enjoyed your presentations and gained much knowledge, thank you and may God richly bless both of you and your family. Trust that we will see you again next year