Purpose-related Selections


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Powerful Single AUDIO CD OFFER by Kay Taiwo

The Purpose for Time: Understanding the Seasons of Your Life
  1. Identifying God-given Opportunities
  2. The value of Preparation as it pertains to Purpose.
  3. Exploring 5 Principles of Time and Seasons.
  4. 4 Principal Players that Influence Time.
  5. Biblical Proof Demonstrating How History Repeats itself and etc.




Finding & Living the Purpose-guided Life
Stop the hit-or-miss lifestyle. It is your time to live on purpose not by accident.

In this offer you will discover keys that will uncover your purpose. Access the keys and avoid the roadblocks to your purpose. 2 Part CD Set



Expel the Myths! Embrace the Facts about your Mission!

Profound truths presented in a very commonsense practical way.

This offer is loaded! Also includes clear step by step ways to write a compelling mission statement.

2 Part CD Set

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