Zimbabwe 2006




Leadership Seminar, Harare, ZimbabweLeadership Seminar, Harare, Zimbabwe


Kay Taiwo in Harare, ZimbabweThe Taiwos in Harare, Zimbabwe
Conference attendees
Conference attendees
Conference attendeesConference attendees



Leadership Seminar: ZimbabweLeadership Seminar: Zimbabwe


Logos Rhema Ministries, Harare, ZimbabweLogos Rhema Ministries, Harare, Zimbabwe


Pastor Ephiel & Kayode and Olumide TaiwoHarare, Zimbabwe
City of HarareCity of Harare
Downtown, ZimbabweKay speaking in Harare Zimbabwe

Kay teaching on “Time & Seasons”Harare, Zimbabwe
Harare, ZimbabweTime is Opportunity! 
It must be discerned!
CongregationEcclesiastes 3:1-15, 17
Pastor Ephiel & Olu Taiwo Kay Taiwo
A HOUSE on a HILL cannot be HID!
Nice view of Harare, Zimbabwe


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