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Readers’ Comment about the Book “Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within: Answering the Hidden Question of Identity”

Olu and Kay Taiwo’s bestseller has impacted lives around the World. The following testimonies represent real individuals like you, who struggled with poor self-esteem, rejection, lack of direction, being misunderstood, spiritual hunger, confusion, or simply wanted to discover who they were in Christ:

“I wish to thank you for the joy of having read your book, ‘Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within.’

“Your book put all my spiritual anxieties in perspective…

“…due to the enormous suffering, rejection, condemnation, ridicule…I encountered I was a little dizzy by what was actually happening to me, but 1 Peter 4:12 explains it and your book has illuminated everything for me and I can now start to enjoy my walk in the Lord with security and confidence.”  

—M. Roberts (Clapton, London, England).

“…For the past five years I never knew who Jesus was, but just by reading one of the books written by you…I got to know Him as my Lord and Savior. The title of the book is: Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within. It really built up my spiritual life….”
—I.B. Nyanfor (Monrovia, Liberia).

“I want to use this [opportunity] to show appreciation on that great book [Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within] that brought about positive change in my life both spiritually, mentally, physically, academically. I so much thank you .”
—Oladipupo Muhammed (Sagamu, Nigeria).

“…I came across your book…it was like God sitting next to me using every paragraph to illustrate specific aspects of this specific situation that I found myself in.”
—T. Ojo (Manchester, England).

Your book [Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within] is so full. It has really touched my life. Not just has it affected me, it has shown me the importance of the message (on identity) for others. The area on ‘boundaries’ really touched me. It is an area needed in my life…I am reading it a second time.”
—E. Cochy (Queens, New York).

“By the time I read up to Chapter 5 I knew it was time to step out into full-time ministry…”
—M. Owens (Youth Minister, Tulsa, Oklahoma).

“I just finished your book entitled, ‘Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within.’ It has really put my life in perspective in terms of who I am and what I should strive to become in Christ.”
—R. Sempler (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands).

“Your book…wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!”
–A. Green (Queens, New York).

“…It is so enlightening! It has come at a time in my life that supplies the jolt of pressing forward that I need.”
—P. Gamble (Jamaica, New York).

“I picked up the book and could not put it down…”
—Church member (Atlanta, Georgia).

“Your book has been a blessing. It helped me to learn to appreciate God’s unique design of me. I now have a greater understanding of the destruction that takes place within us when we allow the voice of man and the devil to overpower the voice of God.”
—Patricia Byron (New Jersey).

“The book is relevant and practical…this is a book you have to read a second time. It helps you to spiritually find your place in the body.”
—R. Ademola (Kansas State)