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Leadership Seminar, Harare, ZimbabweLeadership Seminar, Harare, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe leadership seminar
Kay Taiwo in Harare, ZimbabweThe Taiwos in Harare, Zimbabwe
conference attendeesconference attendees
Conference attendees
Conference attendees
conference attendees
conferences attendees
Conference attendeesConference attendees


Leadership Seminar: ZimbabweLeadership Seminar: Zimbabwe


Logos Rhema Ministries, Harare, ZimbabweLogos Rhema Ministries, Harare, Zimbabwe


Pastor Ephiel & Kayode and Olumide Taiwo
Pastor Ephiel & Kayode and Olumide TaiwoHarare, Zimbabwe
City of HarareCity of Harare
Downtown, Zimbabwe Kay speaking in Harare Zimbabwe
Kay teaching on “Time & Seasons”Harare, Zimbabwe
Harare, ZimbabweTime is Opportunity!
It must be discerned!
CongregationEcclesiastes 3:1-15, 17
Pastor Ephiel & Olu Taiwo Kay Taiwo
A HOUSE on a HILL cannot be HID!
Nice view of Harare, Zimbabwe